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Christiansburg Aquatic Center Facility Evaluation

  1. Thank you for visiting the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. If there is something we have done especially well or an area in which we can approve, please let us know. We would like to know how we are doing and how we may better serve you. Your comments are greatly appreciated.
  2. Grading Descriptions
    Facility and/or staff expectations were exceeded

    Facility and/or staff expectations were met and sometimes exceeded

    Facility and/or staff was adequate and expectations were sometimes met

    Facility and/or staff often failed expectations and could use improvement

    Facility and/or staff consistently failed to meet expectations and improvements are a must
  3. Facility
  4. Staff
  5. How did you learn about our facility?*
  6. Staff Follow-Up
    I would like to receive more information and/or discuss my concerns with someone...
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