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1. What hours will the aquatic center be open?
2. What are the fees to use the Aquatic Center?
3. Will swim lessons be offered at the Aquatic Center?
4. How many laps is a mile?
5. Can I bring floats in to use at the Aquatic Center?
6. How many pools are at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center?
7. What are the temperatures of the pools?
8. Are there life jackets available?
9. Is there swim equipment I can use at the pool?
10. Who can use the Christiansburg Aquatic Center?
11. Does the Aquatic Center have volunteer opportunities?
12. Is the warm water therapy pool be open to the public?
13. How long are the pools?
14. Can I use the diving boards?
15. How do I become a member of the Aquatic Center?
16. How old do I have to be to be left at the Aquatic Center without a guardian?
17. I want to come in and just watch my family swim. Do I have to pay to get in?
18. How do I register for a class or program?
19. What forms of payment do you accept?
20. What are the heights of the diving boards?