Pool Rules

Competition Pool Rules
  • Do not swim under the bulkheads.
  • Lifejackets are not allowed in the competition pool.
  • No stunt dives allowed off the pool sides.

Therapy Pool Rules

  • This pool is designed for therapy. Only children under the age of 1 in the arms of an adult and adults 18 or over are allowed.
  • Diving or jumping is prohibited.
  • If therapeutic need is necessary and you fall into the 18 years and under age bracket, please see a CAC staff member.

Leisure Pool Rules

  • Floats only permitted during certain events.
  • Please remember the lane lines are markers. Do not hang or play on them.
  • Kick boards, pull buoys, and dumbbells are not to be used as surfboards or floatation devices.
  • CAC instructional equipment is for the use of lap swimmers and educational programs only.
  • No pushing, dunking, shoulder riding or other inappropriate behavior is allowed.
  • No diving is allowed in the leisure pool.

Diving Board Rules

  • When open, public diving is only permitted from the 1 meter board.
  • Only one person at a time permitted on the diving board.
  • Forward jumps, dives and single flips are allowed.
  • Children are not allowed to jump off diving boards unless they can do so without assistance.
  • When the diving boards are in use, there is no swimming allowed in the diving well.